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Hello, I can not find out that the adapter is enough, but I can not really know exactly where to get it is not all the cable What do i that is dug inside because it is forced through the door to go out too quickly, they also suffered that kind of stuff.

Aerospace Some of the exhibitors expected from the next 2018 Executive Executive this year, placed on October 31 and November 1 in the NEC. Birmingham City. We start our descent with Abc Equipment Equipment Remain CM40. The UMC-5X synchronizes your five-axis, gantry-type machining center. The degree of technological innovation regularly incorporated into the ABC UMC-5X allows you to introduce the potential customers to the advantages of synchronizing your five-axis machining. The UMC-5X is available at an extremely competitive price, but nevertheless includes an innovative technological innovation, including TraoriOrKinematic functions for synchronized machining on five axes, as well as Sensitive Machining Technologies SMT and winter progression integrated wallplate.org brands technologies. The handling technique may be Siemens ShopMill Siemens840DSL or Heidenhain iTNC 640 HSCI. In the same way, the settings ensuring a high accuracy, very fast, synchronize your five-axis machining. The other key features are the 600mm inlet-size rotating trunnion liner with a high-torque, direct-drive, direct-drive electric motor providing 90 rpm rotation. min. The immersion axes are influenced by the earthworms alternative to the electric torque motor giving you a movement of + -120 ° and only 2. your five minutes for a complete rotation with a maximum load of 600 kg. Due to the settings of the kitchen table and the arrangement of the equipment, it is interesting to note that, if the kitchen table is placed at 90 ° backward aspect concerning the fronts, it remains 500 mm of displacement of the B axis on the surface of the table.

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