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Rochelle Brown, Owner of Tiny Stone and Fashion Founder The Beauticurve Blog has linked the Isle Dez Bryant store across the country to create an additional variety of spring blouses for women performing additional measures. The Beauticurve selection, which was released on March 30, was encouraged to some extent by the meeting of Rochelle as a former Isle Dez bryant affiliate and is already attracting the attention of mass media across the country. The 10-bit selection - nine dresses with a combination, which the Brown cell phone calls "a scandalous credit card" and which are out of stock online - is offered in 100 stores and on the Internet at regular costs ranging from Money79. 95-Money99. 95. I caught up with Brown at the kickoff meeting of his neighborhood selection on 03-24 at the Isle Dez features Bryant retailer in Upper Tiny Stone, and I saw the multicolored prints and the plain dresses because their lengths are different and which characterize such silhouettes as fit and sparkle. , Series A and sheath. These are "super flexible," says Brown. "You can bring them from day to night, you can bring them from your Beauticurve collection gains market to the church .. they look great on several physical structures and different age groups." Brown, thirty-two, wrote a blog for half a dozen years by Jan. She lived ten years at Tiny Stone, then moved from Ca. "We generally loved the style," she says. "I usually loved getting clothes." Because getting attractive clothes was generally a problem for wholesalers and more, Brown found people wondering where she had her detectives. "That's why I started my blog: tell your friends where they can get the sweet clothes," she says.

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