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Bay Area - Collins Yeboah Asomani is a doctor in Ghana, in which only 5% of people who will need glasses actually have it. Yesterday, at the Globe Optometry Night, he shared the story of the realization of a 55-year-old lady who was walking in an eye camp in Ho, the Volta Square funding, worried about the stress and constant headaches. She had presbyopia or clairvoyance, which meant that all she needed was to read slices to see up close, said VisionSpring's complex optical advisor, an interpersonal business that, in addition to her wives, has sent nearly 30,000 glasses to Ghana in 2018. Most adults over 50 will need to read slices, which can be seen in some countries, but still exceed the budget for men and women in low-income countries. There is growing awareness that addressing uncorrected indicative error - typically myopia in children Success Eyewear reading glasses and clairvoyance in adults - is a simple approach to increasing life. Nevertheless, more than one million men and women, and up to 2.5 million men and women, as indicated by some estimates, will need glasses to not keep these objects. New alliances are developing in all industries to reinforce the use of this 700-year-old technology, while authorities, intercontinental organizations and New alliances to private sector companies are seeing the benefits of eyewear out of well-being. The glasses failed to reach the foot of the table because of "analysis, submission, money and desire," said Wayne Chen, founding father of intercontinental eye care management. . It is obvious that the author and the author of a guide have exactly the same identity.

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