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1st District meeting will include look at City Stadium, development at Libbie and Grove

Gammino, Tyler leading the money race

1st District Meeting set for May 22

The Honorable Bruce W. Tyler, Councilman, Richmond City Council, West End 1st District, will hold a 1st District meeting on Tuesday, May 22 2012, from 6:30-8PM in the Mary Munford Elementary School auditorium.

First look at the council candidates’ fund-raising

Baliles to challenge for Tyler’s council seat?

Jon Baliles, son of former Virginia Gov. Gerald L. Baliles, is seriously considering mounting a bid for Tyler’s [1st District] seat, according to a number of sources close to Baliles. Baliles is not confirming the potential bid, but he acknowledges that there has been talk of his taking on Tyler for the seat.

1st District meeting set for Tuesday

Councilman Bruce W. Tyler has announced a meeting 1st District meeting for Tuesday, 27 March 2012 from 6:30-8PM at Mary Munford Elementary School.

1st District Meeting Summary from January 24

Marianne Pitts, 1st District City Council Liaison, sent out yesterday a meeting summary of the Tuesday, January 24 1st District meeting (PDF). Includes: Public Safety Report on the West End 1st District; Questions/Comments.

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Anticipating the local 2012 elections

This year Richmonders will be voting at the local level for city council, school board, and mayor. Candidates have until summer to officially get on the ballot; here is a look at where we start off 2012…

map 1st district 2011

1st District meeting on Tuesday

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1st District meeting announced for November

Tyler announces 1st District meeting

Bruce W. Tyler, Councilman, Richmond City Council, West End 1st District, will hold a meeting in the West End 1st District Tuesday, September 28, 2010, from 6:30-8PM at Mary Munford Elementary School (211 Westmoreland Street).